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Welcome to the very first HatchHouse🐣  Digital Digest, your weekly summary of the best bits from our blog and HatchHouse HOT5.

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This week’s blog on whitepaper was released in the digital marketing hub!. Read the digital marketing roundup below.

HatchHouse H🔥T 5  

1. Instagram launches reels ads worldwide🌐 

Instagram reels ads mockup

Few points about Reels:

Instagram reels ads are live
Duration:30 seconds 
Format: Vertical 🤳

Backstory: Instagram has proven the ability to direct traffic to different areas of its app. They have 500 million users for Instagram stories. Creating reels and making advertising possible is very similar to how Instagram introduced stories in the past. They copied their competitor and even gave the same name. Snapchat stories were copied to give birth to Instagram Stories. A perfect move to steal real momentum from competitors.

2. Spotify launches Greenroom🎙, another Clubhouse competitor👋 

Spotify's Greenroom in action

Backstory: Lets you connect in a more interactive, organic, and engaging way with your artists than on Twitter or Facebook. The ability to connect with fans, followers, and friends on a personal level is powerful. Hearing the person’s voice and emotion creates a connection in real-time.  

3. L'Oréal💄 uses Pinterest Creators for content marketing

L'Oréal💄 uses Pinterest creators for content marketing

Over 20 Pinterest creators👩 will develop branded content for L'Oréal. They will use the platform's short-form video feature called 'idea pins'.

Growth hack: A visual search engine that is easier to rank compared to Google, using SEO.. Identifying what people are searching for can effectively drive your content marketing.

4. Design🎨trend in focus: socially conscious design

social conscious design examples
Designs aimed for the betterment of the community. Delivering messages of unity, responsibility, and advice

5. Meme🤡of the week: Cristiano Ronaldo puts aside Coca-Cola bottles

Cristiano Ronaldo Coca-Cola water meme

Backstory: Ronaldo’s actions did not cause Coca-Cola shares to fall. The shares were already 0.9% down in trading even before the incident had happened, and market fluctuations like this are common. The moment was embarrassing however as they were an official sponsor of Euro 2020. Wondered about the bottle of water Ronaldo held up instead? Part of Coca-Cola’s brand.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s HatchHouse Digital Digest. See you👋next week!  

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