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HatchHouse H🔥T 5  

1. Google delays third party cookies phase-out to 2023

Google delays third party cookies phased out to 2023

Chrome will start the phase-out process in mid-2023. This will provide ample time to work with the web community to create more private approaches to ad measurement and delivering relevant content.

Backstory: The Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to create web technologies that both protect people’s privacy online and give companies and developers the tools they need. The two-fold agenda is aimed at giving everyone a high degree of security when it comes to their personal information while providing an environment in which businesses can flourish without fear of losing valuable data.

We're excited about this change because we believe that privacy should be a priority when browsing the internet.

2. Facebook granted a patent for 'artificial reality' baseball cap 🧢

the patented AR hat by Facebook
The patented AR hat. Source: Facebook

Facebook is developing a new artificial reality device that can be worn like a baseball cap. To create a user-friendly and comfortable experience the display is on the brim of the hat.

Backstory: Facebook is trying to break the AR market with their invention, a "Hat." This clever idea consists of an attached screen that hangs from your hat. They are aware of Google Glass' failure and want to bring augmented reality back in style.

The new design will provide more surface area for electronics and better weight distribution opportunities, as well as keeping heat-generating components away from your head with less thermal discomfort.

3. Windows 11 will run Android apps natively

screenshot of amazon appstore in windows11
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is bringing more diversity to their operating system by adding support for Google's popular mobile OS, Android. Windows users can now enjoy TikTok and other Android apps on their devices through the Amazon App store.

Backstory: Microsoft is embracing cross-platform integration more than ever with their most recent OS version (Windows 11). These new features are designed to provide seamless connectivity and synchronization support no matter what device you're using so long as it meets certain requirements which include having WiFi access, being linked to another compatible PC/smartphone via Bluetooth radio connection, or logging.

4. Design trend in focus: tactile 3D 🎨

example of tactile 3d design

Digital miniatures have an aesthetic that are heavily stylized but with a soft touch. The way the world interacts with a person is different than how it does for others. When visual impairments are present, these interactions can be difficult to navigate. Tactile 3D and digital miniatures create realistic depictions of characters that take into account both sightedness and blindness by accommodating motion in three dimensions as well as tactile exploration through clay-like aesthetics.

5. Meme of the week

Graphic designer undo meme
Wish we had this in the real world

Hope you enjoyed this week’s HatchHouse Digital Digest. See you👋next week!  

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