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Welcome to the fifth edition of the HatchHouse🐣 Digital Digest, your weekly summary of the best bits from our blog, Twitter Thread Tuesday, and HatchHouse HOT5.

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HatchHouse H🔥T 5 - Digital marketing roundup  

1️. Clubhouse is open to everyone as invites are no longer required

Clubhouse the social audio app has moved out of beta

It's been a long time coming, but finally, Clubhouse has announced that it is launching out of closed beta. Now, the app is open to everyone who wants to join a Club and tune into the latest audio chats.

Backstory: Clubhouse's exclusive, invite-only approach boosted early hype, invites becoming an online status symbol of sorts, and even being sold on eBay for ridiculous prices. Although its popularity is growing in places like the United States, Clubhouse is becoming a staple app in some emerging markets like India.

2️. TikTok gains TAG brand safety certification 

TikTok gains TAG brand safety certification 

TikTok, the video platform that turns you into a star and delivers personalized videos in rich, innovative formats, has been granted another advertiser safety tick by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

Backstory: TikTok has been working to satisfy the requirements of every area to boost its advertisement enterprise. Fb, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest have also got TAG certification.

3️. Instagram increases insights data to 60 days, providing more analytical capacity 

Instagram insights available for 60 days with calendar view to select date range

Instagram is now 60 times more useful. If you were worried about stats in your Instagram marketing account, worry no more – the app is doubling the duration windows for all the stats, so they span two months, rather than just 30 days. This should help all your future case studies make a bit more sense.

Backstory: Instagram will eventually increase the insights duration to 90 days in the coming months. The Instagram team is producing updates based on user feedback. This is a huge improvement, which will improve your reporting capability.

4️. Design trend in focus: empty lines 🎨  

Combination of block colours and empty lines with organic shapes (curves, spheres, rounded rectangles)   
Combination of block colours and empty lines with organic shapes (curves, spheres, rounded rectangles)   

 5️. Meme of the week

Design life meme
let’s just add this Instagram filter to finalize

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