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Welcome to the sixth edition of the HatchHouse🐣 Digital Digest, your weekly summary of the best bits from our blog, Twitter Thread Tuesday, and HatchHouse HOT5.

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HatchHouse H🔥T 5 - Weekly digital marketing roundup

1. Facebook posts revenue of $27.9 billion for Q2 2021, but daily active users is stalling in key markets

Facebook Daily active users declined in Europe, US & Canada

Facebook said it earned $27.9 billion in revenue for Q2, an increase of 47 percent year-on-year and beating analyst expectations.

Backstory: Facebook is currently facing the challenge of convincing investors that it can generate growth in its global user base. Analyst have predicted this will be increasingly difficult due to saturation in its key markets.

2. Instagram is testing a TikTok-like, full screen explore feed, serving users with content based on recommendations

 Instagram is testing a TikTok-like, full screen explore feed, serving users with content based on recommendations

A big advantage that TikTok has over Instagram at this stage is content discovery. TikTok highlights public posts that are personally relevant to each user based on their engagement behaviors, which are then fed to them via the "For You" page, which acts as the default home feed in the app (as opposed to your "Following" feed in Instagram).

Backstory: Facebook-owned Instagram is looking to once again test a new feature that could rival TikTok: introducing a vertical ‘Explore’ feed for Instagram. This would allow users to search for content and creators (complete with their hashtags) and swipe through the results in a vertical feed, as opposed to horizontally on Explore today.

3. Snapchat launches 'My Places' to highlight local businesses of interest within the snap map

Snapchat launches my places

Snapchat makes it easy to connect with the businesses you love anywhere in the world. 'My places' helps you discover the world around you, and share it with all your friends.

Backstory: Snapchat is looking for ways to improve business discovery in the app with a new element in Snap Map called 'My Places' which will highlight popular businesses and places you've previously visited on the map display.

4. Design trend in focus: the rise of artificial intelligence 🎨  

rise of artificial intelligence in design

Robots are not replacing designers. AI’s are not here to steal your jobs, but to help you do your jobs faster. Some people might have the misconception that AI tools will one day take over jobs such as designers or creative workers. We believe that designers are not replaceable and instead, their jobs will be enhanced by the use of AI.

Our favourite tools:
Khroma - to help you choose colours based on your colour preferences
Font Joy - to help you to pair fonts better
Imagen - to create unique lighting condition on your photos

5. Meme of the week

creative feedback meme
“Can we make the logo bigger please?”

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