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Welcome to the eighth edition of the HatchHouse馃悾 Digital Digest, your weekly summary of the best bits from our blog, Twitter Thread Tuesday, and HatchHouse HOT5.

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HatchHouse H馃敟T 5 - Weekly digital marketing roundup

1. Google makes sure you don't advertise to kids and will delist your photos of children if requested

Google restricts ad targeting towards kids

Google is cutting off ad targeting on its search engine, and YouTube aimed at children under 18 to protect users' privacy. The company says it will not allow ads that target kids based on their age, gender, and interests. This means advertisers can no longer serve ads showing images of toys or other forms of youth-oriented entertainment on YouTube or in-text ads next to Google's search listings for material aimed at those under 18.

2. Nestflix is an innovative parody streaming service of Netflix that mock movies & TV shows and will soon start to offer content

Netflix paraody Nestflix set to offer content

No longer limited to just watching Netflix, now you can watch movies and television shows that don't even exist! Nestflix makes it possible to browse mock-ups of movies and series from real movies and series. While some viewers may initially find this confusing, the start-up company aims to bring these titles made for a plot to life!

3. Facebook is rebuilding its ads to know a lot less about you

Facebook rebuilding ads to new limits

Facebook initially opposed evolving approaches to user data tracking, which have imposed significant limitations on the information that it can utilise within its ad targeting processes. Facebook has now accepted that this is the new norm and will need to work with app hosts to update their systems to better align with the new limits.

4. Design trend in focus: digital painting 馃帹

Design trend in focus for 2021 - Digital painting

Digital painting is the newest style to take the world of art by storm. Procreate and Adobe Fresco allow users to create high-quality, original artworks using colourful brushes and a touch interface. We believe this will become a fundamental part of the advertising industry as companies search for ways to appeal to new audiences and cut costs in print production.

5. Meme of the week

Can you do it cheaper?

Hope you enjoyed this week's HatchHouse Digital Digest. See you馃憢next week!

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