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Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry, and it鈥檚 important to stay on top of all the changes and innovations. When it comes to digital marketing, there are always new tools and platforms popping up. Since every online business uses some form of digital marketing, it鈥檚 important to stay up to date with the latest trends and tools, whether it鈥檚 social media, SEO, content marketing, or something else.

Welcome to the tenth edition of the HatchHouse馃悾 Digital Digest, your weekly summary of the top news that took over the digital landscape.

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HatchHouse H馃敟T 5 - Weekly digital marketing roundup

1. TikTok launches quick 'promote' ad option for business accounts

TikTok launches promote feature

Starting this month, Promote is available to help businesses reach more people and grow their community with their TikTok videos. Promote is a new service from TikTok and its parent company Bytedance that lets any user transform their organic TikTok videos into sponsored posts. Now you can drive awareness of your product or service to a wider audience and build a following.

2. Instagram is replacing swipe-up links for stories with links that you can place as stickers

Instagram stories swipe up feature will be replace with Link stickers

Whilst this may initially seem to be a fairly minor change, it actually makes a huge difference in the user experience within Stories, and will be sure to make the sharing of external URLs a little more seamless and perhaps even a little easier to use.

3.Adobe is acquiring Frame.io for $1.275 billion

Adobe acquired Frame.io

Adobe is paying $1.275 billion for Frame.io, an online video review tool that allows people to cooperate and review each other's work without the need for face-to-face interaction. While Adobe tried to create its own collaboration software, it found that customers were already using Frame.io for their workflows.

4. Design trend in focus: geometric shapes 馃帹

Geometric shapes design trend

Last year, designers were using plenty of abstract, flowing shapes in their designs. This year, the trend has been one of rigid shapes and geometric patterns. A simple yet striking graphic, the geometric shape adds a lot of personality into your work.

5. Meme of the week:

Designer meme
Pain of a designer until he knows he achieved perfection

Hope you enjoyed this week's HatchHouse Digital Digest. See you馃憢next week!

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