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HatchHouse H🔥T 5 - Weekly digital marketing roundup

1. LinkedIn has decided to shutdown its Stories experiment

LinkedIn has decided to shutdown its Stories experiment

Many social media platforms have attempted to leverage the stories format and have had little luck in the past. Twitter created their own social stories project called 'Fleets'. They were discontinued last month due to low usage.

Key learnings from LinkedIn Stories project:

  • Users want content to stay in their profile beyond the 24-hour window
  • Need for creative video creation tools

The success of the Stories feature comes down to its overall fit with the social media platform in question. The users want to see Stories on Instagram and Snapchat but not on LinkedIn and Twitter.

According to the state of video marketing survey 2021, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. The replacement innovation that could be seen in the near future is a feature to create 'How to' videos to help promote businesses and the personal brand on LinkedIn.

2. Reddit adds new option to place promotions within post replies threads

conversation placement ads by Reddit

By adding the conversation ad placement, Reddit aims to expand on its marketing capabilities for brands, allowing them to promote their products within highly engaged comment threads. Acknowledged for its community conversation, Reddit's new ad placement offers brands the opportunity to connect with their target audience where the exchange is taking place.

Beta tests conducted by Reddit have shown that brands can increase overall reach by 20% if regular feeds ads are paired with conversation placement ads.

3. Twitter rolls out 'Super Follow' to let you cash in on your tweets

Super Follow is the premium subscription option from Twitter. For a monthly fee, subscribers receive exclusive content similar to a paid newsletter as well as a badge used to differentiate them.

Super Follow is another addition to Twitter's emerging patchwork of monetisation options.

Twitter Super Follow Revenue Breakdown

4. Design trend in focus: emoji design🎨

Benefits of using emoji design:

  • A study by Wordstream has found that using emoji increases engagement by 25%
  • Helps humanize your brand
  • Add context to your messaging
  • Appeal to emotion of audience on a deeper level

PRO TIP: emojis should fit with the tone of your brand. Ensure the emojis used are relevant to your brand and message.

5. Meme of the week:

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