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HatchHouse H馃敟T 5 - Weekly聽digital marketing roundup

1. The updated version of Google Lighthouse is live on Page Speed Insights

updated version of Google Lighthouse 8.3.0 is live on Page Speed Insights

Lighthouse enables auditing in Chrome Dev tools and Page Speed Insights. The technology has been updated to version 8.3.0.

The update comes with bug fixes and additional improvements. However, the most exciting part of Lighthouse 8.3.0 is the Project Fraggle Rock. It will enable developers to see what happens after a page load. The developer can now understand the complex user flows like sign-up, add to cast, time to tweet, etc.

2. Twitter is testing edge to edge tweets on iOS

Twitter testeing edge to edge tweets on iOS

In order to provide a more visually immersive experience, Twitter has decided to bring back edge to edge tweets to its app on iOS. Bigger images and improved cropping controls make Twitter a friendlier platform for photographers and visual artists.

Furthermore, as depicted by the screenshot, ads will be harder to miss.

3. Tinder adds a new home for social features with the launch of Tinder Explore

Tinder adds a new home for social features with the launch of Tinder Explore

The latest redesign by Tinder emphasizes its social, interactive features. The new 'Explore' will enable the users to discover matches by interest and dive into a quick chat even before the match is made.

This feature will be famous among the younger generation who feel traditional online dating has lost its freshness.

Market shifts towards video and audio content have created an existential threat for Tinder. In order to remain in the dominant position, Tinder has double downed on interactivity.

4. Design trend in focus: cartoon illustration馃帹

Cartoon Illustrations design trend 2021

Cartoon illustrations have made it possible for artists worldwide to bring their wildest dream to life. This movement has been powered by the rise of drawing programs like Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

Illustration keeps variety, is adaptable, imaginative, adds playfulness, and raises a smile.

Cartoons are perfect for branding. The applications are limitless. You can place your characters on all business resources. (website, cards, posters, presentation)

5. Meme of the week:

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