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Here are some Interesting developments and updates for the week in the Digital World:

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1. TikTok tops 1 billion users like social media app's growth surges

In a recent blog post, TikTok announced that 1 Billion people use the short video app every month. The app, formerly known as Musical.ly, has revolutionized content creation.

Soon after the Bytedance acquisition, the app rose to International fame and has not turned back ever since. Its influence has been tremendous to a generation of youngsters, so much so that the video streaming platforms and the social media platforms started creating a clone of TikTok features.

Chief Operating Officer Vanessa Pappas said: "That's a billion people every month watching and sharing each other's creativity," in a TikTok video.

2. Google makes data-driven attribution the default for all conversion actions in Google Ads

While data has always been the crux for any marketing tool, Google announced a crucial decision to make data-driven attribution the default model for all conversion actions.

The last-click attribution, in a way, did share the information on the conversion path. However, there is always a chance that the customer had a conversion path wherein a couple or more creative ads persuaded the conversion. Now, this data could become crucial for a Marketer.

Data-driven attribution gives credit for conversions based on how people engage with your various ads and decide to become your customers. It uses data from your account to determine which keywords, ads, and campaigns have the most significant impact on your business goals.

3. Facebook updates ad reach estimates, moving away from specific audience projections

Facebook will change how it displays the 'Audience Reach' while you set your ad campaigns. Instead of showing a specific range of audiences based on the campaign interest and other selected attributes, it will display a more generalized reach.

So, the next time you create your campaign, you will see that the name of 'Potential Reach' will be changed to 'Estimated Audience Size.'

There is not much information as to why a change like this is being introduced. However, it is a significant update to note as this could have specific implications on your projected data concerning a campaign.

4. Design trend in focus: colorless design

Here is another bright design idea that would significantly impact design: a colorless plan, quite a paradox to the very nature of the art of designing.

However, it could be exciting and eye-catchy. While many unique mobile applications and videos showcase such an idea, it is intriguing to see the possibilities.

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