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This week has some exciting announcements and updates that are worth every second of your time:

1. FB's 2021 Communities Summit announcement and the first-ever,  Community Awards Program of $350K is here

Facebook communities summit 2021

Facebook has announced it will host its Annual Community Summit on November 4th. The Annual Summit acts as a great platform for community builders to connect and share experiences, whilst the social media giant utilizes this opportunity to encourage community builders and recognize their contribution to the platform. This year the event is hosted virtually.

The Summit will also include invite-only regional events for community builders with access to product deep-dives, workshops, and networking opportunities.

You can tune in live at 9 AM PST on Thursday, November 4 on the Facebook App Page.

And, to make things more interesting, FB announces the first-ever Facebook Community Awards featuring 22 nominees across seven categories.

The seven winners will each receive $50K and support from Facebook to grow their communities and make even more of an impact. Making it a total of $350K in Awards.

2.'Pinterest Havens' - A Mental Health Support Project by Pinterest

In honor of World Mental Health Day, Oct 10th, Pinterest has launched Pinterest Havens", a mental health support initiative. Per the Pinterest Blog, it is an online and offline space for community-driven inspiration.

Pinterest provides an opportunity for reflection on how mental health can impact us all globally.At a time where a majority of youngsters across the world are reportedly suffering from Mental illness of some form, this is a great initiative for a platform that caters to a billion users. Pinterest saw an increase in searches for the following self-care inspiration. The platform is visited by Pinners to find inspiration and ideas, however, the increase in search for rest and self-care could only mean that people are stressed out!

3. Google's First-Price Auction Model - A move to maintain consistency across Google's ad selling platform

Google's First-Price Auction Model

This is an interesting update for all Digital Marketers out there, in case you missed out. You might be aware that, in the past, the ad price was evaluated based on the amount of the second-highest bid, i.e for example if two brands bid $10 and $13 respectively for an ad slot, the winning bidder ends up paying $10.01.

However, under the new First-Price Auction Model, the winning bid will end up paying $13.

AdMob have already moved to a first-price auction, and by streamlining the auction model across AdSense, Ad Manager, and AdMob, advertisers benefit from a consistent process across Google’s ad selling platforms.

Google also clarifies that the impact of this change on publishers will only be neutral. However, we would advise you to keep a track of this change and analyze your results frequently.

4. Design trend in focus: voxel art design

If you haven't heard the term 'Voxel' before, A voxel is the equivalent of a pixel but in 3D. To make it simpler, think of each pixel as a square and each voxel as a cube.In the 90s, it started as a technology for video games, however, nowadays it is like more of an art form. 

The designs made of voxel art are unique and fresh, you are going to see a great deal of it in different designs.

5. Meme of the week:

The lifecycle of a meeting meme

Here's reminding you again that we have you covered for all the interesting news for the coming week. See you next time!

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