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We are back with the weekly dose of updates that have made a huge impact in the world of technology and the digital industry.

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Welcome back! We have listed the top updates and News in the Digital domain for you to skim through:

1. Instagram finally allows users to upload photos and videos via desktop

screenshot of desktop version of Instagram that allows upload from PC

A great relief for a lot of social media managers out there, as this could mean that it will be possible to share content on different platforms from one place, at least the photos and videos. The duration of videos should be less than a minute, and you cannot do it for stories and reels for now.

While it has been pointed out that there was a possibility of posting videos from the desktop if we choose the mobile view on the browser, however, one would rather do it through the application instead of going through such hassle. Instagram has been working towards bringing the website in line with its mobile application, this is a great start.

While this feature might not matter much to a content creator or a viewer, but it makes a big difference to streamline strategies and workflow for social media managers.

2. Google's 'Google for Creators' Platform will provide tips and guidance to creators

Google for creators platform interface

Google for Creators aims at educating and inspiring content creators, be it artists, fashion photographer or bloggers. The platform offers a variety of tips and guides if you are planning to make a living out of content online. For example, Creators Quiz will help you reach your preferred topic.

The idea started as a YouTube channel and it has a great resource of content creators like wildlife photographers to authors and Trainers who can guide you with content strategies that worked for them. The creator community helps you connect to creators or join creator events that happen across the world.

The platform offers various tools like web Stories, search console insights, question Hub to help creators get the best out of the web.

3. Pinterest achieves media rating council accreditation for pin metrics

Pinterest app notification on phone

This is a great confidence booster for digital marketers who have been creating ad campaigns on Pinterest and endorsing the platform. The MRC, which is an independent organization that sets standards for digital advertising.

An accreditation would mean that the platform has met all the expectations of the standards set by the organization, thereby making it transparent and legit in terms of the various ad campaign metrics like clicks and impressions.

Pinterest is now accredited by MRC for 'Display Pin impressions' and 'Display Pin Clicks'. This sure adds more trust to the platform, especially for Digital Marketers.

4. Design trend in focus: nostalgia design

Nostalgia design trend

Bringing the old and classic design styles with a modern twist, from vintage comics to legendary artifacts or 90's pop culture, designers are combining the modern-day design techniques on the things that we know and love. The Nostalgia design is a bold yet gratifying attempt in evoking feelings and bringing happiness.

5. Meme of the week:

squid game meme related to digital marketing

Here's reminding you again that we have you covered for all the interesting news for the coming week. See you next time!

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