Digital Digest - Instagram's Take a break feature, Twitter's full size images, Meta opening retail stores, and brutalism design trend


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This week there were some interesting developments about online marketing. Here are just a few of them:

1. Instagram is testing a new feature called Take a Break

As of December, Instagram users can use a new feature. It is for people who spend too much time on the app and need help getting back into socializing or doing something else like talking to friends by text.

The Take A Break option allows you to take breaks from your account and still stay active in the app, which should make it easier for people who work long hours or need some time off but continue using IG as well. That will help marketers to maximize their ROI.

2. Twitter will now show full-sized images on the web

Twitter is changing how you share images. Now, people can post full-sized photos directly from their desktop or mobile browser to Twitter without having them shrunk down for Twitter's square format! So now when someone posts an image on Twitter there will be no need whatsoever in shrinking it before sharing it across different social media channels because everything will show up as intended.

They made it easier to post pictures on the web, so if you are a social media manager, then this update should help you out. This update will also allow more space in your Tweets for words, so don't miss out!

3. Meta is reportedly planning to open retail stores to sell VR, AR, and other digital connection tools

The company Meta is planning to open stores around the world. The stores will be used to introduce people to virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses. AR & VR will become very popular in marketing because it is going to become huge!

4. Design trend in focus: brutalism

Brutalism is a style in graphic design. It uses intense colours and geometric shapes. There are many ways to do brutalism, but it is typically seen as an aggressive or substitute aesthetic for more minimalist projects because of its chaotic appearance - something not everyone might be comfortable relating to on their own terms when they're used. Brutality means that something is made with a lot of crudeness, which a dictionary defines as "exceptionally crudely made." The trend with brutalism is to use raw elements and looks with little processing possible. The brutalist design is already famous in branding, commercialism, advertising, and the like.

5. Meme of the week:

The marketing environment is constantly changing, and if you’re not staying on top of the latest trends, your company could be missing out. It can be difficult to know how to keep up with all these changes without getting overwhelmed. That’s where we come in! Our team experts are always looking for new ways to improve our clients’ visibility online. If you want help implementing a strategy that will grow your digital footprint and boost sales, contact Hatch House today!

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