E-Commerce Sustainability: Is it Possible?


The concept of sustainability has become important for e-commerce companies, especially as environmental concerns impact sales. 2020 COVID crises increased the rate of sustainability development. More and more people want to know what products are made of and how they're made.

For businesses that sell things online, sustainable packaging can be an important part of remaining successful in the longrun. Some companies have started making their sites more sustainable so they can continue providing consumer goods without harming our environment too much in return for business success. For example, TOMS Shoes uses recycled materials and soy ink in its packaging, and some varieties of TOMS Shoes are made from natural hemp, organic cotton, and/or recycled polyester.

Toms sustainability efforts
Sustainable practices in key areas of business

What Is E-Commerce sustainability?

E-Commerce sustainability is all about looking for ways to improve and expand your online business without harming the planet. Brands, both big and small, are rolling out sustainability initiatives to respond to demand from consumers who want more sustainable products. There are many resources available on the internet, so it's important not just what you do but also how often and how well we communicate with your customers that makes their experience feel personal to achieve this goal! Patagonia introduced the Common Thread Intiative with the mission of reimagining a world where you only take what the nature can replace.

sustainability campaign by Patagonia
Common Thread Initiative by Patagonia

How Can E-Commerce be made more sustainable?

The answer to how E-Commerce can be made more sustainable is actually quite simple. The first step in creating a life long commitment towards sustainability starts with reducing our environmental footprint. Which will ultimately lead us down the path of promoting positive social change for everyone around the world who continues this practise throughout their daily lives.

A great place where you could start would be to start choosing reusable items instead of disposable ones whenever possible or using paper products less often because they are better alternatives when recycling facilities don't have enough capacity left over after being used once before getting thrown away.

Here are some simple steps you can take right now to make your business more sustainable:

1) Make sure that your brand ethos is updated. A sustainable brand is one that has taken a clear stance on sustainability.

2) Implement a sustainable shipping process.

3) You can reduce your business's footprint by making concrete efforts to reduce E-Commerce packaging waste.

4) Create an offset service charge at checkout. As part of your budgeting, you can make investments in offsets a regular part of your business. Integrations like Cloverly make offering carbon offsets at checkout easy.

5) Sell your used merchandise on an ecommerce marketplace.

Is E-Commerce a sustainable business?

In the world of E-Commerce, there is a lot to consider when starting and running your own business. From financial stability through sustainable practices such as recycling materials or using renewable energy sources can be difficult without proper planning in place from day 1!

For instance, H&M's shopping bag is made entirely of recycled paper and can be turned into a clothes hanger. H&M understands that its customers are young people who care about the environment and appreciate reusable packaging solutions.

H&M's emphasis on reusability ensures that they retain their loyal customers.

H&M shopping bag packaging that turns into clothes hanger

E-Commerce sustainability and future opportunities

The way people shop is changing - with more online purchases than ever, it's important to consider how these changes will affect your business in the years ahead! The average person spends half an hour researching products before making any decisions about what they want to purchase. This means that shopping today takes place entirely through digital channels rather than face-to-face interactions between retailers/consumers or even physical outlets like department stores where most goods were sold for centuries past.

What is sustainable digital marketing?

Sustainable digital marketing is the promotion of an eco-conscious business online. This means promoting a brand’s sustainable and ethical products or services and eco-friendly practices in a way that is profitable for both the company, our planet and its people.

Creating a sustainable digital marketing strategy requires finding a balance between creating revenue and maintaining ethical practices. When you find that balance, the magic will happen.

How does online service promote sustainability?

There are many ways that eCommerce promotes sustainability, including. The convenience of e-commerce reduces the need for customers to drive from store-to-store. 

  • E-Commerce retailers can offer products at a lower cost due to less overhead costs and no physical stores
  • Customers have the option to use eco-friendly shipping methods such as UPS's Smart Choice or FedEx's GroundGreen services which include recycling options and reduce fuel emissions by upto 50%
  • Many online retailers also provide product reviews which help consumers make better purchasing decisions based onother people’s experiences with the product they are interested in buying
  • Online shopping is more environmentally friendly because it reduces gas consumption, air pollution, andgreenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation while also reducing traffic congestion
  • Some websites like Amazon even allow you to purchase an item without having it shipped if you elect not to. This saves on packaging materials that would otherwise be used during shipment
  • It is important for shoppers who want to buy sustainable goods online should look for "green" labels when browsing through different sites like GoodGuide or GreenerChoicesOnline(GCOL). These labels will denote whether or not an item is green

We hope that you have found this article to be helpful in understanding E-Commerce sustainability. If not, please reach out and we will be happy to help! Sustainablility is the future of all businesses so it's important for everyone from newbies to experts alike to understand how it works. In addition, if you want more information on any other topic related to e-commerce sustainability or just need some general guidance about your current marketing operations, contact us today.

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