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How to Promote Your Business in the Age of COVID-19

Nollaig Malone

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind!

And with the recent restrictive measures, you may be wondering: How can I keep my business afloat during the pandemic?

In this edition of HatchHouse Hot 5, we’re going to cover the most important articles that can help you adapt and not only survive, but thrive.


1. Search Engine Land: “Reducing digital marketing due to COVID-19? Read this first.

When facing uncertainty, it’s normal to want to cut costs.

However, Search Engine Land’s recent article explains why you should be careful when reducing your digital marketing efforts. Otherwise, you may not be able to open back up when the crisis passes.

Why Our Team Loves This Article:

In a time of extremes, this article reminds us that it’s important to stay calm, and make the best decisions for the future of your business.

Instead of prescribing immediate solutions, SEL recommend focusing on low-cost marketing methods that generate long-term results.

Key Takeaways:

Focus on email, SEO and content marketing.

These three methods generate results without steep costs. At the same time, they’ll bring benefits once this crisis passes.

SEL also remind that even if you’re experiencing traffic drops, it’s because people aren’t searching as much. But as soon as we are quarantined for a while, people will revert to their normal routines, and start looking for services and products like yours.

Life goes on, and using sustainable marketing methods helps you get ready for the future.

2. Marketing Dive: “Brands must build trust as coronavirus saps consumer sentiment.

Because of the crisis, consumer sentiment has shifted.

Your customers aren’t currently looking to buy - they’re looking for brands they can trust.

And yes, you can indirectly generate sales if you know how to use that.

Why Our Team Loves This Article:

Our experts love anything that has data to back it up. And this article certainly does, as it’s supplemented by Forrester’s consumer confidence analysis.

Key Takeaways:

The report brings a few very important things to light:

  • People aren’t currently in the mood for shopping
  • Consumers still want something new, and they still want great experiences
  • Consumers want to be entertained

Keep in mind: this crisis will pass, sooner or later. And by playing your cards right during this crisis, you can generate more sales.

Focus on empathy in your messaging.

Show your customers that you care and understand what they are going through.

If your business is still operational, you can offer discounts or small amenities such as delivery.

At the same time, you can increase trust by showing how you operate, or how you are handling this pandemic.

Remember: because we can’t connect, we want to connect.

3. Independent.ie: “Talk is cheap: How to get started on free video conference tools.

The Independent’s article lists the best tools you can use to stay connected to your team and your customers during these trying times.

Why Our Team Loves This Article:

This may not be a standard marketing article, but it can help you market and maintain your business, so it deserves a spot.

If you can, you should absolutely transition to remote work. And this article shows you the free tools you can use.

At the same time, you can use these tools to check in with your customers, as well.

Key Takeaways:

Talk really is cheap.

Pay particular attention to Whereby and Zoom. They’re perfect for staying in touch with your team, and organizing your transition.

At the same time, you can use Skype to maintain relationships with your customers.

This is especially important if you’re in B2B.

The best marketing move you can make today is getting on the phone with your customers and asking them how you can help.

It may not generate sales today, but it’ll improve trust. And when you take a look at the article above, which says customers crave to trust brands, you’re going to start picking up what we’re laying down.

Marketing in 2020 is all about trust.


4. Social Media Today: “Facebook Adds New Tools for Facebook Live Amid Rising Demand and Usage.

Live streams are the only thing giving us a semblance of normalcy during the coronavirus crisis. And just as regular people live stream their thoughts and days, so should businesses.

Why Our Team Loves This Article:

A lot of news slip by unnoticed. But this piece is incredibly important for the COVID-19 transformation.

Key Takeaways:

Facebook Live is profitable, and Facebook knows it.

It’s no secret that everyone’s using social media regularly these days. At the same time, we’re seeing an increase in live stream viewers.

Everyone wants to see how others are handling things. Consumers want to be entertained to escape the situation.

As a business owner, you should leverage it and improve your social media strategy accordingly.

5. AdWeek: “With Travel on Hold, United Airlines Donates Media Space to UNICEF.

Finally, our last article in this week’s Hot 5 drives the point home: marketing is all about trust and value.

Why Our Team Loves This Article:

Our team has looked beyond the article itself. Pay attention to the idea: if you can’t profit, perhaps your partners can.

And your customers will remember that it was your brand that showed them a useful resource without wanting to profit off of this crisis.  

Key Takeaways:

Solidarity is crucial during these times. Reconnect with your partners, and create resources for your customers.

You’ll be remembered as a brand that was involved in the community during the crisis, which increases your customers’ trust, and improves your standing in the long term.

Remember: there’s no need to panic. Grab a cup of coffee, and get in touch with us to create your COVID-19 transformation strategy!

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