Pinterest's Best Business Marketing Tips


Pinterest's Best Business Marketing Tips

Did you ever end up on a webpage that vertically showcased appealing images and videos while searching for information on Google? Well, then you’ve probably reached Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all of your projects and interests.Today, 2 million people are on Pinterest daily, and there is a 27% increase in the presence of Fortune 500 companies on the platform. Brands such as Apple or Walmart now use Pinterest to promote their products.

Pinterest is designed to support all types of businesses. And, with a little creativity and a good strategy, Pinterest can help you bring massive impact to your Brand and sales.

Here in this article, we will help you understand the following points better:

  • Why use Pinterest?
  • How to cross-promote your website on Pinterest?
  • How do hashtags on Pinterest work?
  • How to use Pinterest for Marketing?

What is Pinterest and why should you use it?

More than 25% of time spent on Pinterest is spent shopping

Pinterest is a unique image-based social networking platform, where people can share and save ideas, represented as images and videos called 'Pins'.

Now, if you have visited the platform accidentally, the UI/UX of it is designed in a very interesting way. Based on your search, you are forced to scroll through a few of those pins.

Users can explore other User's (Pinners) content and save it to their boards. They interact by commenting and saving each other's content. Users can also follow other accounts, brands, and businesses – or specific boards within those profiles.

Boards are where you save, collect, and organize your Pins. You can create new boards from your profile or when you create a new Pin.

It is fascinating to note that Users connect on the ideas or pins that each finds interesting. Isn't that great for business!

Since businesses are all numbers, let's look at a few statistics to understand

Why use Pinterest?

60% of pinterest users are women

Businesses and Digital Marketers attract users with appealing Pins in the form of Creative ideas on a subject or Knowledge sharing, thereby bringing organic leads to business.

With over 250 Million people on the platform and analytics that help identify demographics, why wouldn't this be a fitting digital marketing tool?

Pinterest, unlike Instagram, allows you to link your Pins to Websites. On that note, let's see how we can use it to our advantage.

How to cross-promote your website on Pinterest?

One of the key factors for the success of the platform is a representation of ideas and concepts as Images or Videos, and the opportunity to link your websites or Facebook pages is like icing on the cake.

However, let's understand that being Creative is the key here. You need to think out of the box for your 'Pin' to catch the user's attention.

For example, if you are selling wall decors online, you can share Pins with fascinating images and videos of the decors with different titles: " How to decorate your Kids Bedroom" or "Colors that ignites peace at Home" etc.

The idea is to get the attention of your Pins, for which it is imperative that you do a research on your target audience and try to build a community to begin with, by sharing pins that appeal to them. Slowly but surely, you can divert your audience to your website.

Hashtags are a great way to get noticed on searches. Over the years, the practice of using hashtags to narrow searches have become popular in almost all the networking platforms.

How do hashtags on Pinterest work?

Hashtags are searchable on Pinterest. If you use the right hashtag for your Pins, it is likely the right people will end up on the right pages and your business will be discovered by the right audience. If you want to be effective in your Pinterest keyword strategy, it is best to use a relevant hashtag.

Hashtags are optional in Pinterest, however it was found to be very useful and we would advise you to use it. With a sensible strategy, you can create hashtags that can get your products the desired visibility.

Talking about sensible strategies, let's look into -

How to use Pinterest for Marketing:

450 million monthly active users

If you are planning to focus on Pinterest for Marketing, you might as well treat it like any other popular social media marketing platform and design a Marketing strategy to begin with.

Here are some tips to help you create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy:

  • GOALS:

As a Digital Marketer or an Entrepreneur, you already know the reason for your decision to market on Pinterest and hence set goals that are sensible concerning the platform and the business model.

  • Business Account:

Make sure you create a Business account before you implement your marketing strategy in Pinterest, as it is different from the Personal Account. A Business Account gives you:

  1. Analytics to monitor and measure your Pinterest marketing strategy.
  2. Run a wide variety of Pinterest ads.
  3. Set up a Shop tab.
  • Content and Links:

Pinterest is all about Images and Videos aligned vertically. While you ensure that your content is interesting, please make sure that the video and images are of high quality.

PRO TIP: Always double check if the links are working.

  • Hashtags and Rich Pins:

You know that Pinterest acts as a visual search engine, so you must use the right keywords in description and hashtags on all your pins.

If you are trying to promote your website via your pins, Rich Pin is a great option. It will fetch the metadata from your website and show it on the Pin, more like an additional information for the users. A good practice to divert traffic to the websites.

  • Pinterest Ads and Analytics:

Pinterest allows advertisers to target ads around keywords, interests, location, age and other metrics and categories.

You can make informed decisions by tracking the metrics via Analytics and create or modify your plan based on data.

Closing Thoughts

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool with the ability to help you organically increase brand awareness and boost conversions with your target audience.

You can achieve all of these things and more, with the factors explained in the Article. If that does not suffice, there is always expert help around.

Let's Get you started with Pinterest Marketing

If you are new to the Digital Marketing realm and determined to take your business to the next level with advanced digital marketing techniques and tools, we are here to help!

HatchHouse is a full-service digital marketing agency employing a team of professionals who specialize in their respective jobs. We can help with your content marketing, Pinterest Marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, and design, delivering results. Check out our case studies and contact us today for a custom proposal.

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