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How HatchHouse Digital Helped Yaundry Achieve 8 Months of Continuous Revenue Growth

Yaundry, Dublin’s laundry and dry cleaning app, wanted to become the #1 on-demand laundry service in the capital. After partnering with HatchHouse Digital, they’ve been steadily growing for 8 months. In this case study, we talk with the founder, Marius Dumitru, and explain how HatchHouse solutions solved Yaundry’s problems.

Project Objectives

Every time we work with a new client one of the first things we do after onboarding is define project objectives.

Build a base to expand

A solid foundation for future expansion plans

Diversify revenue streams

Go on-demand to be open 24x7x365

Create a strong brand

A sticky brand that would resonate with consumers

Get to market

After trying and failing, there was no room for failure again

The Results

Yaundry’s main challenge was failure to launch. But after getting in touch with HatchHouse, they quickly received their MVP, started generating revenue, and fully launched in 7 months.


Months Of Revenue Growth

We're proud of this one :)



That's over 8,000 journeys to supply the Yaundry service!


New Customers

That's 1,500 people who have to worry less about laundry!

Project deep dive

1. About Yaundry

Yaundry is a Dublin-based laundry app.

Yaundry’s founder, Marius Dumitru, and his team have been operating 3 launderettes in various areas of Dublin. In 2018, they decided to expand by entering the on-demand laundry market.

How does Yaundry work?

Customers download the app, choose the service they need (e.g. dry cleaning, washing and ironing), add the items they’d like to be serviced, and schedule their pick-up and delivery time.

They currently have eighteen employees: sixteen in their launderettes, and two full-time Yaundry delivery drivers.


2. Yaundry’s Challenges

Yaundry’s road to success was rocky.

Before they approached HatchHouse, they already had a few experiments under their belt.

However, they weren’t able to launch the product: Yaundry app.

As Marius Dumitru, owner, explains: they were let down by a freelance developer.

After a recommendation from a renowned accounting firm,they decided to get in touch with HatchHouse.


3. Yaundry’s Objectives

Yaundry’s objectives were incredibly clear: Marius Dumitru and his team wanted Yaundry to become the go-to on-demand laundry service in Dublin.

Ambitious - and we loved it!

In the long term, they wanted to assert themselves as the biggest and best on-demand laundry service not only in Dublin, but in the entire country.

They already had launderettes, so launching Yaundry wouldn’t just help them capture a new segment of the market, but also maximize and diversify their revenue streams.

At that point, it was crucial to develop an app that could help them reach new customers.


4. How HatchHouse Helped

Since Marius’ team already tried building their app but were let down by their chosen freelancer, it was an absolute priority for them to work with reliable professionals.

A big step in the right direction occurred when Marius’ accountant recommended HatchHouse Digital.

Marius knew Yaundry was in the right hands if a renowned accounting firm felt comfortable recommending our agency.

Today, when we ask Marius what he thinks might have happened if he hadn’t found a solution to his problem, he says:

“If we never engaged HatchHouse Digital, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now.”

His accountant’s recommendation gave him peace of mind, and he contacted our experts.

Phase 1: Planning and Initiation

During our initial meetings towards the end of 2018, we focused on the first priority: the Yaundry app.

It was important to validate the product idea by creating an MVP.


An MVP minimises owners’ validation costs. By focusing on the most important features and testing them on the target audience, we can assess whether the project is viable without incurring further costs.

Here at HatchHouse, we’ve been involved in our own tech start-ups, which certainly taught us a lot about bringing products to market.

Phase 2: Creating the Yaundry App Prototype

Our team’s first step? Creating the Yaundry app prototype that would validate Marius’ business plan.

We started with a simple MVP, and iterated continuously throughout the first quarter of 2019. The goal was to identify the most useful features to customers.

At that point, Yaundry also started generating revenue.

This allowed us to understand which features we should double-down on.

Evidence-based growth is crucial for tech projects. Since Yaundry immediately started generating revenue, we were able to analyse the most important growth factors based on customer experience and behavior.


Phase 3: Hard Launch

Yaundry was ready to fully launch in July 2019.

At that point, it was clear that Yaundry was a profitable project.

Customers loved the idea of an on-demand laundry service, and Marius’ experience in the laundry business meant that the project had solid foundations.

After the hard launch, it was time for marketing.


Phase 4: Promoting Yaundry with Google Ads

Google Ads were our first growth asset.


Because of Google Ads’ inbound approach.

We didn’t want to reach out to cold audiences and disrupt them, as is the case with traditional marketing methods.

Instead, we focused on targeting Dubliners who were already looking for services like Yaundry.

We chose this particular approach because it brings the best results across the board:

  • Yaundry is a local service, and Google Ads allowed us to target people in the Dublin area. We wouldn’t risk wasting money on audiences outside the service area, as would likely be the case with traditional advertising.
  • 86% of consumers use Google to find a local business, and we made sure Yaundry showed up for the target queries.  
  • Using long-tail keywords helped us attract leads that are ready to turn into customers, speeding up the sales cycle.

Since Yaundry opted for our Ads Management service, they got the full package.

We didn’t just create ads. Our experts continuously monitored the campaigns, and optimised them as needed. This way, we were able to make sure Yaundry was only reaching the leads who were ready to sign up.

Launching with Google Ads allowed Yaundry to start off strong, and attract revenue that they could later reinvest to grow even more.


Phase 5: Expanding the Marketing Strategy

Once we’ve helped Yaundry reach the critical growth mass with Google Ads, it was time to maintain that growth by attracting even more customers.

Our experts decided to create a versatile marketing game plan:

Social Media Marketing

It was time to increase awareness.

We started proactively reaching out to Dubliners who weren’t aware that Yaundry existed.

HatchHouse helped Yaundry set up their social media presence on Facebook and Instagram

Out of the three social networks, Facebook and Instagram garnered the highest engagement rates, consistent with audience research data.

Facebook presence was also necessary for launching Facebook and Instagram social media advertising campaigns.

We encouraged Yaundry to create a mix of promotional and relatable content.

The more we learned about Yaundry’s customers, the more we were able to optimise.

The main benefits of organic social media presence for Yaundry were lead generation, and increasing awareness.

Relatable content increased the “shareability” of their content, and allowed their customers to indirectly tell their friends about Yaundry.

It’s referral marketing without directly asking for referrals.

Social media presence and engagement also increased the number of reviews. From there, Yaundry created review collections that address different audience segments.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Since the majority of Yaundry’s target audience uses Facebook and/or Instagram, these two social media networks were crucial to growth.

Our experts used powerful targeting features of Facebook Ads Manager to drive sustainable growth.

Our combination of methods helped Yaundry increase brand awareness, as well as engage leads and customers.

We were no longer only attracting people ready to convert, but actively educating and nurturing cold leads.

Google Ads Optimisation

Since Google Ads brought the best results for Yaundry, our team doubled-down on them.

We’ve continuously executed and optimised Google Ads campaigns to acquire new leads and customers for Yaundry.

Platform and App Optimisation

Yaundry apps are at the core of everything.

When the app launched, we knew we shouldn't stop optimising.

Instead, we carefully monitored user behaviour to improve their experience. From SEO, to UX design, we’ve been making sure that what’s under the hood is as efficient as what’s above it.

Marketing Objectives

Ultimately, this unique mix of methods has allowed Yaundry to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Retain customers
  • Generate referrals
  • Improve customer experience

By leveraging the numerous strengths of the aforementioned methods, we were able to achieve different objectives.

Yaundry has been steadily generating revenue, and HatchHouse team members have made sure that every euro is cost-effective.


5. Results

Our entire team is extremely happy to have been working with Yaundry since they decided to put their trust in us. We’ve seen their service grow, and executed strategic research so that every post and every ad drive growth for Marius’ project.

Since Yaundry’s hard launch in July 2019, they’ve had over 1,500 sign-ups and over 4,000 orders.

Their customers describe them as:

So reasonable and it’s so handy that it can be collected and dropped back within 24 hours! Would highly recommend! I swear by it.

Amazing service! Great staff, great chat and really time efficient. Clothes were clean and fresh and the experience was extremely smooth and worth every cent! Will definitely use Yaundry again.

Yaundry App’s app store rating is 4.5. There’s no shortage of praise and recommendations.

Ever since it launched with HatchHouse, Yaundry has achieved 8 months of month-on-month revenue growth.

Every month, more and more users find Yaundry, and they love it!

However, our work isn’t done yet. By combining the best of technology and marketing, we make sure Yaundry keeps growing.

What originally started out as a phenomenal way to diversify revenue streams turned into a project loved by Dubliners, and we’re proud to be a part of it!


6. Key Takeaways

Yaundry’s main challenge was failure to launch. But after getting in touch with HatchHouse, they quickly received their MVP, started generating revenue, and fully launched in 7 months.

“If we never engaged HatchHouse Digital, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now.”

The Timeline

  • 2018 - Marius and his team decide to enter the on-demand laundry market
  • Q2 and Q3 2018 - Yaundry app fails to launch
  • Q4 2018 - Marius gets in touch with HatchHouse
  • Q1 2019 - HatchHouse creates an early Yaundry prototype that starts generating revenue
  • July 2019 - Hard launch
  • July 2019 to March 2020 - 8 months of month-on-month revenue growth
  • App store rating: 4.5
  • Over 4,000 orders
  • Over 1,500 happy customers

“HatchHouse have helped us with our platform, mobile apps, social media marketing, Google Ads and paid social. We rely on all of these services as each one plays a critical part in acquiring new customers, delivering Yaundry’s services and retaining customers.”

How HatchHouse Generated Sales for Yaundry

  • We created an MVP to validate the idea, and get to know Yaundry’s ideal customers
  • We targeted bottom-of-the-funnel leads with early Google Ads advertising
  • We expanded the marketing strategy with social media management and paid social
  • We continued optimising the Yaundry platform, and the app

Yaundry used a combination of our services.

We started by creating an MVP, and continued to help them grow with cost-effective Google Ads. Later, we stimulated referrals, increased customer satisfaction, and improved brand awareness with social media.

“Since our hard launch in July 2018 we’ve achieved 8 months of month-on-month revenue growth – I think this speaks volumes.”


7. What’s Next for Yaundry?

Yaundry is ambitious, and we love it!

After validating their product idea in Dublin, it’s time for expansion. Yaundry and HatchHouse will continue collaborating in order to expand their service offering to other parts of Ireland.

Since their product is easily scalable with additional investments, all it’ll take is a great marketing strategy (and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve).

Yaundry’s final goal is achieving 2020's monthly revenue growth target.

We’re happy to say that they’re currently on track, and plan to stay that way!

Nothing is impossible with a good product idea, and an even better marketing plan.

Grow just like Yaundry - hatch your next big thing with us.

Our clients are lovin’ it

Sleek on the surface, efficient under the hood. HatchHouse solutions help numerous business owners grow their start-ups, bricks & mortar stores, and projects. Whether you are looking to up your digital marketing in Dublin or the EU, our toolbox has the right digital device for your company.

“HatchHouse has a very strong understanding of marketing and tech development combined - this is rare.”

Will Kennedy

- Co-Founder, Sons

“We've seen 8 months of continuos revenue growth since our hard launch.”

Marius Dumitru

- Founder, Yaundry

“We saw online sales increase after only 3 weeks.”

James Thornton

- Operations Manager, Rhino Rugby Ireland

“They deliver results and drive leads, which resulted in revenue for the business.”

Nollaig Malone

- Marketing Manager, Exertis Ireland

“HatchHouse helped us transition to the digital world with ease.”

Jamie Keegan

- Executive Assistant, Trinity Marketing

“Working with HatchHouse has been a dream.”

Alex Dunlop

Founder, Wunderbook

“The attention to detail is top notch and we have found HatchHouse so easy to deal with.”

Paul Keegan

- Co-Founder, The Local Lottery

“It's time to hatch your next big thing. What are you waiting for?”

Matt O'Sullivan

- Founder, HatchHouse Digital

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