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Achieve optimum outcomes from your digital marketing efforts with a HatchHouse Digital digital marketing strategy.

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So, what is
Digital Marketing?

In a nutshell, digital marketing is any marketing effort that uses the internet or an electronic device.

There are many types of digital marketing including inbound marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, pay per click (PPC) and more.

Digital marketing flywheel

What's digital marketing
without a strategy?

Digital marketing without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder. A flock of sheep without a shepherd. You get the idea. You might get from A to B, but the journey will be harder than it needs to be.

A builder wouldn't build a new apartment block without an architect's drawings. He could, but the chances of an optimum outcome is greatly reduced.

Similarly, you could send sporadic email campaigns or run some ads on Facebook, maybe boost a post? These might get you some results, but your chances of an optimum outcome is greatly reduced.

A digital marketing strategy is to your digital marketing endeavours what an architect's drawings are to a builder's endeavours.

See what we're getting at?

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Benefits of
a digital marketing strategy

HatchHouse Digital create digital marketing strategies. These thoroughly researched, strategic documents align digital and overall organisational endeavours to achieve optimum outcomes. A digital marketing strategy has many benefits:

  • clear path to digital success
  • reduce risk of non-strategic efforts
  • long term, sustainable plan
  • align marketing & business goals
  • increase predictability
  • increase marketing roi
  • and many more...

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What you get with a
Digital Marketing Strategy

Through in-depth research, analysis, planning and measurement, your digital marketing strategy is your roadmap to digital success. A rudder to a ship. A shepherd to a flock. Here's what you get:

Business analysis

We get to know each other to ensure we understand your needs, objectives, pain points and more.

data analysis

A deep dive into internal and external data that puts assumptions to the test.

audience definition

We help you define your buyer persona and core audience.

kpi definition

A quantitative statement of what success looks like for your business.

funnel definition

We map your customer's journey and build a funnel that defines your digital marketing channels and platforms.

activity definition

What we'll do to drive results: social media marketing, SEO, PPC, content, inbound, affilitate, influencer and more.

execution plan

A visual and easily digestable strategy execution plan that let's you see what's going to happen and when.


Ongoing analysis and improvements to see what's working and what isn't to ensure KPIs are always in sight.

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