Influencer Marketing

Increase your brand, product and service awareness by partnering with influencers who resonate with ideal customers on social media. HatchHouse simplifies working with (micro) influencers, and helps you find the best partners for your business goals. Use all the benefits of influencer marketing with none of the hassle.

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Why You Need

To partner up with influencers

Show your customers why they should trust you by receiving endorsements from people they already trust. HatchHouse’s influencer marketing team makes sure you find the best infuencers to partner with.

Attract new customers

Receive endorsements from esteemed people in your customers' social channels

Managed influencers relationships

We help you nurture the relationship with your influencer, and turn it into a beautiful partnership.

Diversify your marketing

Add more value to your current marketing strategy by partnering with micro influencers.

Increase brand awareness

HatchHouse's team of experts helps you find the best influencers for amplifying your content.

Reduce costs

Leverage influencer marketing and attract more customers for half the cost of traditional advertising.

Case study:

Influencer Marketing

The proof is in our pudding.

How HatchHouse Digital Helped Yaundry Achieve 8 Months of Continuous Revenue Growth

Yaundry, Dublin’s laundry and dry cleaning app, wanted to become the #1 on-demand laundry service in the capital. After partnering with HatchHouse Digital, they’ve been steadily growing for 8 months. In this case study, we talk with the founder, Marius Dumitru, and explain how HatchHouse solutions solved Yaundry’s problems.


full hair ahead for sons.

Trusted by companies of all sizes, from idea-stage start-ups to established enterprises. Our client, Sons, are a next-generation men's health and wellness brand, initially helping guys to keep the hair on their head. We helped them get started.

“HatchHouse has a very strong understanding of marketing and tech development combined - this is rare.”

Will Kennedy

- Co-Founder, Sons

What you get with

Influencer marketing

Hatch your business’ growth with influencer marketing. Following the best practices of influencer marketing, HatchHouse helps you get results through micro influencer marketing.

Micro influencers help you reach a hyper-targeted audience. HatchHouse carefully vets and selects micro influencers so you can rest assured that they truly engage your ideal audience, and that every post drives conversions.

Micro-Influencer Scouting & Selection

We’ll begin the process by selecting the right micro-influencers. On average, micro influencers have between 2,000 and 50,000 followers. Unlike major influencers, costs associated of working with them are significantly lower. At the same time, micro-influencers have higher engagement rates.

Social proof is at the heart of marketing, and HatchHouse will help you leverage it to succeed. By receiving endorsements from influential members of your customers’ communities, you’ll become a trusted business. A vote from a micro influencer really is a vote of confidence.

Instead of paying thousands to work with a big name that may not even provide you with quality access to your target audience, HatchHouse helps you maximise engagement from every follower. A micro-influencers’ followers are more likely to purchase your products and services. They are the audience you’ve been looking for!

HatchHouse’s process begins with a thorough analysis of your business’ niche. Our experts identify the most influential people in the space, depending on the social networks you want to target. We leverage both technological knowledge and our professional expertise to find the best partners for your business.

We take the native features and preferred styles of communication of each platform into account. Our experts leverage their knowledge to craft content that will resonate with the majority of followers.

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Relationship Management

A good partner is hard to find, as the old adage goes. But at HatchHouse, a good partner is both easy to find, and easy to retain. Just like a customer, an influencer who has sway in your target industry is worth keeping. HatchHouse experts help you create the optimal relationship for your business. We help you establish foundations for long-term cooperation with influencers that bring you the best results.

Our teams of experts carefully monitor each influencer’s performance to identify the most successful thought leaders. We help you find people who won’t only increase your brand awareness in the long term, but increase your sales in the short term, as well. When they’ve demonstrated results, we give you plenty ofoptions for continuing the relationship, and help you manage it.

From different content types that resonate with audiences, to marketing campaigns, HatchHouse’s micro-influencer marketing is a great way to learn more about your customers’ preferences.

As a thriving new marketing strategy, micro-influencer marketing brings you plenty of results with significantly reduced costs. By opting for micro-influencers, you’ll be opting for advertising to tightly-knit communities, as well as leaving more room in your budget. Where traditional marketing fails, micro-influencer marketing succeeds.

HatchHouse experts work closely with your chosen influencers so you can rest assured that your prospective customers are falling in love with your business more with each passing day. And as you attract more customers, HatchHouse will truly help you hatch your growth with a plethora of actionable insights.

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