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Your prospects customers spend a lot of their time on social media. Fact. If you're not doing some kind of social media advertising - even testing the waters - you're likely missing out on a chance to sell more!

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To Advertise on social media

Running social ads is black art and it's easy to see ad budgets wasted with poor targeting or the wrong ad formats. Eliminate the guesswork. Reduce the risk. Let HatchHouse run your ads!


Social media ads let you target users most likely to convert

Optimise ad spend

Reach users on Facebook and Google at no extra cost

Increase sales immediately

Get a near instant return on your ad spend

Increase brand awareness

Leverage network effects to reach the widest audience possible

Plan for all budgets

Choose from our three paid social plans - Start, Grow and Pro!

Case study:

Social Media Ads

The proof is in our pudding.

How HatchHouse Digital Helped Yaundry Achieve 8 Months of Continuous Revenue Growth

Yaundry, Dublin’s laundry and dry cleaning app, wanted to become the #1 on-demand laundry service in the capital. After partnering with HatchHouse Digital, they’ve been steadily growing for 8 months. In this case study, we talk with the founder, Marius Dumitru, and explain how HatchHouse solutions solved Yaundry’s problems.


full hair ahead for sons.

Trusted by companies of all sizes, from idea-stage start-ups to established enterprises. Our client, Sons, are a next-generation men's health and wellness brand, initially helping guys to keep the hair on their head. We helped them get started.

“HatchHouse has a very strong understanding of marketing and tech development combined - this is rare.”

Will Kennedy

- Co-Founder, Sons

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What Does HatchHouse Social Media Content Management Include?

Today, everyone is on social media. And with the rise of platforms that integrate native shopping solutions, keeping up with trends can give you a significant competitive advantage.

HatchHouse’s team of social media experts will create and implement a complete strategy for the social networks your customers are using. Our professionals keep up with emerging trends, and they will make sure social media becomes one of your most profitable lead generation channels.

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